Nazeing Parish Councillors: Planning Committee and Duties

Unit 6 Harold’s Park Farm, Bumbles Green, Nazeing, EN9 2SF

Planning Committee

All Councillors


Cllr. T. Arnold, Cllr. K. Carter, Cllr. S. Clarke, Cllr. D. Joslin


All Councillors

Amenities. Allotments. Playgrounds

All Councillors


Cllr. T. Arnold, Cllr. K. Carter, Cllr. D. Joslin

Other Appointments/Liaison

EFDC Liaison Committee/EALC Representation – Cllr. S. Billingham, Cllr. K. Carter, Cllr S. Clarke

The Nazeingberries Association – Cllr. G. Skipper

PCC/Local Police – Cllr. D. Joslin, Cllr. M. Frydrych

Flood Warden and Emergency Response – All Councillors

Lee Valley Regional Park Liaison – Cllr. M. Frydrych

Schools Liaison – Cllr. S. Billingham